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What´s up folks.

I´m definitively new on X-Plane 11 world. I´ve always benn in FSX world, so I saved money for a year (and it was very hard) to buy a better pc to migrate to X-plane 11. I have X-plane 11 installed 10 days ago, but untill now I can´t to trigger  the landing gear and the flaps on Zibo, Baron, Cirrus, Vision Jet, etc.I have the controls on the keybord and Joystick (Logitec Extreme 3D PRO) configured, but they don´t work. Help me please, because I´ve been waiting for a year to ge the X-plane and  now it doesn´t works as it should. Also, I can´t start the autopilot.  Thanks, guy´s.

Best Regards

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Hi Leandro,

Welcome to the world of X-Plane.

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

In relation to the ex Saitek now Logitech joystick it will install into any shoot-em-up or flight sim package using the software provided with the joystck.  It will not work with X-Plane using this methodology.

Firstly you need to completely uninstall the saitek software from your PC using a good software removal tool.  When done then dump the software in the bin.  Don't remove it from there.

Then connect your joystick to your PC and then start X-Plane.  In the boot up your joystick should be detected and X-Plane should then lead you through the calibration process.  Save the setup for the aircraft the time of initial calibration.  Repeat the calibration for each aircraft you want to fly.  Every time you select that aircraft the calibrated joystick should load.  In earlier versions you had to recalibrate the joystick for the selected aircraft

Have a look at the following link from MIchael Brown  found at  Although Michael does not deal specifically with the Saitek joystick follow the principle of the message.  

If calibrated through this process I am of the opinion many of your flying problems will be solved.  

Good luck