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I have the X-Plane 9 6x DVD set for MAC.  When installed, it is version 9.21rc2.  I have tried updating it to 9.70 using both the button built into the DVD set (1st DVD) as well as the link online.  In both cases, the update stops at the following:

"Downloading and installing Austins, currently 0% done with that file"

I've let the computer run all night to try and download this file.  Since the file never downloads, X-Plane 9 is now broken.  I have to go and repair it back to the original version.  The reason this matters is new airplanes that I've downloaded from don't work.  I think it is because they are designed for a newer version of X-Plane 9.

Here is a screen capture of the spot the update freezes:

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hi rocketrtb,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Although X-Plane may still be available for sale by Laminar Research ( not I am of the opinion that XP9 is no longer supported through upgrades.

In relation to X-Plane 10 updates have now ceased and was done so when X-Plane 11 was released.

Contact Laminar Research directly at [email protected] for a definative answer/response.

Good luck


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