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http://questions.x-plane.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=15436391256257856069i, My PC keeps crashing when I use ZIBO.   I have tried the forum but had no luck.

Any support would be most appreciated.

WIN 10 AMDFX8350 4.0GZ  RAM 16GB DDR3  GTX1060 6GB    XPlane11.30  Zibo 3.30K

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Does the sim crash straight away or mid flight. Which plugins are you using?
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Hi Jorcar.

The crash is always mid flight and when I am starting to configure for landing.

I have ordered a replacement keyboard and mouse to eliminate a conflict.  Presently I have wireless KB but wired mouse which can fall out with each other so I'm going to eliminate that conflict.  It also may not be the problem.   I have removed all plugins and scenery.
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Unfortunately a change of Keyboard and mouse did not sort my problem.     I'm starting to conclude that xplane is for users with serious PC skills and not for simple simmers like me looking for a plug and play solution.     I have spent the last few days reinstalling FSX SE with PMDG and all my old stuff.   Shame it has come to this and I have to ditch Xplane 64 bit and return to a 32 bit solution.  Judging by the numbers that have read this post I now conclude that Xplane11 + Zibo is not a plug and play solution.  Sad

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