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  • I am conversant with the GPS in FSX. Using the X-plane 430 GPS is confusing. I have followed the instructions
  • I cannot see a map on it or a button to show it
  • I cannot see how to allocate altitude in setting a flight through the flight director on the GPS
  • I cannot use the POV hat as it is designed for. I have a saitek Pro Flight Yoke system

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Hi Splinter,

The X-Plane 430 & 530 GPS are based on real-life Garmin models. Here is a series of video tutorials I found that might help you get started with it. They're both pretty similar, just the 530 is larger so the map is visible initially. On the 430 you have to click on the cockpit icon it to bring up the larger window, then use the smaller dial on the right to turn the Nav menu one to the right to see the map.