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I've downloaded X-Plane 10 installer for demo and standard.  Both, when unzipped, produce an empty folder.  I have tried turning off Firewall during the process but no differnece. I'm currently operating Mac OS El Capitan on a 2015 Macbook Pro. Any ideas?  Thanks!
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Hi everyone,

I've figured out the problem.  I was using the iZip app, which seemed to be the problem.  I wasn't aware that Mac OS (El Capitan, at least) has its own compression app, called 'Archive Utility'.  I deleted iZip from the App folder (viewed in finder), right-clicked the .zip file and selected 'open with' > 'Archive Utility,' problem solved.  Hope this helps any other unsuspecting victims such as me! Thanks to all those who tried to help.  Best wishes.

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Hi Matthew, 

I didn't have a problem downloading the demo installer. It should be just the installer, not a folder. I'll upload them both for you here as well.


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Hi jroberts,

Thanks for the help.  Sadly those two download links just opened up a repeat of the same webpage.  I'll keep trying with the zip files.
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We made some changes to the site so these links should now work.