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I am new to this forum but not new to X-Plane which I have been using for about one year.  During this time, I have been running X-Plane ver. 10.40r3  without any problems on an OS/X Yosemite Mac.  My copy of X-Plane was installed onto the Mac Desktop and I always ran it from there.

All was well until my 27" Mac's internal hard drive failed and the Apple Store replaced the faulty drive.  They installed a fresh copy of OS/X Sierra (which had just been officially released only weeks earlier) onto the new drive.   I then reinstalled all my apps from scratch - with the exception of X-Plane:  I'd copied the X-Plane folder across from a Time Machine backup right back onto the the new, fresh Desktop.  I ran X-Plane, only for a minute or so - it seemed to fire up correctly and I didn't encounter any immediate problems.

However, now, I have had a bit more time to play and fired it up again, this time choosing to do a quick 15 minute flight.  At random times, usually a few minutes into the flight, the program crashed (X-Plane window disappeared and an OS/X crash report appeared, with the option of sending it to Apple (which I did)).  I have repeated this several times now and I cannot fly for more than a few minutes without crashing.  Also, during one attempt, the X-Plane window simply "froze" and I had to Force-quit the application.

I restarted my Mac and tried again, again receiving the same result: crashes after a few minutes.

To try to debug, did some testing.  I took a screenshot of my current X-Plane settings and then reduced the graphic intensive settings.  I tried running the program again, seeing the obvious lesser-quality visuals on screen - but the crashes persisted.

I also tried running the program in 32 bit mode (I usually use 64 bit) but I still encountered crashes.

 I have attached to this post (in zipped format) my log.txt files (each of these were the files which existed after an x-plane crash) and also the Apple Crash-Report text files, in hope that someone may be able to detect the nature of the problem.  There's also some screen shots of my About-This-Mac information.

So, here's the questions going through my head:

1. Is this an OS/X Sierra problem? All was working fine under Yosemite; I have changed nothing.

2. Should I delete the X-Plane folder and re-install X-Plane from scratch (not just copy the folder across from a backup)?  If I do so, I would probably need to install the latest version of X-Plane, ver. 10.50r3 is it?

3. While I can of course install X-Plane ver 10.5x, I want to better understand if the problem I have is related to my version of OS/X (as opposed to the version of X-Plane). I was happy with X-Plane ver 10.40 as it worked well - I'm concerned that newer (different) probelms may be introduced with the newer X-Plane (ie. compatibility with additional scenery, etc). 

Some guidance would be most appreciated.  




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From the crash reports I suspect it's issues in the graphics card or driver. The latest version of X-Plane 10 is more likely to be stable on the latest operating systems since it has the newest code. I would recommend you make a back up of your current X-Plane install, then update to 10.51. If you find it works no better, you can restore the back up, but it's more likely to help.
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Thank you very much for answering.  I upgraded to ver 10.51 yesterday and when I flew a quick leg this morning (at lowish to barely medium settings), it crashed again.  I have attached my log files.

I do notice a bit of screen flickering occasionally.

As I mentioned, all this was working perfectly until my Mac upgraded to OS/X Sierra. I can't help but thing *that's* the problem.

Any further thoughts would be welcome.  I am heartbroken that I no longer have a working sim :(





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There are a few custom scenery packs listed in the log, so try removing them temporarily to see if it helps.

The crash report looks like the issue is in the graphics driver. You could also try to see if there is a driver update for your graphics card you could manually download.