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Thanks Glenn, I had already run the installer again before posting the question and was presented with the update choice. As I say these files were not found nor updated. Please refer Log.Txt link. Perhaps someone from Laminar could just advise to what these three files relate to and perhaps just email the files to me with advice as to where they belong? Would appear to be the easiest solution because I do not want to spend 15 hours downloading again and then setting up again.

Thanks Dan
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Ok, I got rid of the four addon sceneries I had installed and now Log.Txt is error free.  Thanks for your assistance. Cheers  dan

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Hi Dan,

My understanding of these numbers relate to coordinates for airports and or global scenery.  The missing numbers, from my calculations refer to points off the west coast of the new Zealand South Island out in the Tasman Sea.  The number -44 refers to the latitude below the equator and 166 refers to the longitude.

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Yes, some New Zealand addon scenery was what I uninstalled and solved the problem. Thankjs again  Dan