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Not a hardcore simmer, and won't be making out all of the settings. But obviously would be nice to have something that runs well enough.

Can anyone recommend a graphic card, mother board and CPU that will do?

I can buy separately and assemble.


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May I suggest the following…

   CPU: i5-9600K

   RAM: 16GB

   Video: RTX 2060 or GTX 1070

   Motherboard: Perhaps MSI Gaming Pro or similar

800 should cover the above.  These should allow X-Plane 11 to render near the high end, but short of maxing the settings out.

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Hi Matt,

Have a look at the components mentioned in the following link found at  Obviously there is no mention of a mother board but there has to be one installed.  The recommended unit by this business is generally a Gigabyte Z370 series unit.

This PC is, as the heading indicates, a low end budget unit and is slightly higher in price than your 800 euro when currency conversions are made.  It will run X-Plane.  It is being marketed by XForcePC.  Laminar Research recommends this business as the only supplier of PCs in the USA suitable for X-Plane. 

I would suggest using the component listing as a guide for your build.  To make it cheaper for you, you may have a "mate or friends" that can help with the physical build.  Alternatively if you live in the USA purchase from them as the PC will be fine tuned for X-Plane when built a delivered.

The owner of the Business is Michael Brown who produces a lot of YouTube videos regarding PC components and specialises in units for X-Plane.  The videos produced by Michael can be found at

Whatever you do stay with NVidia Cards and Intel CPUs for a better performance.  Other types of systems will give you a lesser performance.

Good luck


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Thanks Glenn, that's really helpful, I'll have a close look. It doesn't ship outside the US.