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I have a black widow xe joystick but for some reason after loads of calibrations my throttle acts as the rudder: making the rudder go left. If there is a fix please tell me because X-Plane ain't cheap and I love it but this is annoying. My joystick works fine in fsx so I don't know why it does this in X-Plane

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Hi - Have you set the correct axis to the throttle in settings? That doesn't sound right at all!
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Hi Oogopeegpe,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Just because your joystick works in some other flight sim package does not mean it will work with X-Plane.  Generally it will not.  It has to be setup through X-Plane.  

Follow the concept/principle provided in the answer (including the YouTube link) found at  

Provided your unit has a USB connection and you forget the brand/make it should work.

Good luck