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I am currently trying to fly the Beechcraft T-6A model created by FliteAdvantage in Xplane 11.34r1. When I fly for the first time opening the program, all of the controls work perfectly and I have no problems flying it. However, if I try to fly for a second time without quitting and reentering the program, a master warning light starts flashing on my instrument panel and a warning message appears near the top of the screen "Throttle: CUTOFF", and suddenly the throttle stops working and it doesn't move anymore, not allowing me to take a second flight. I've tried recalibrating the controls and that doesn't seem to work. I am currently using the A-10 Warthog HOTAS system... I'm not quite sure why this happens consistently on every attempted flight excluding the first one. If I quit the program and reopen it, I can fly the T-6 normally again for one flight and then the same error occurs. Does anyone have any ideas on what this means/what I can do to try and debug/fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Andrea,

I am not from Laminae Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

How have you configured your hotas system?

X-Plane is unlike all other shoot-em-up games or flight sim packages. All hardware has to be configured through X-Plane.  No other way.  Not by using the software supplied with the hardware package.  Especially Logitech/Saitek software.  That software has to be buried in a deep hole as soon as you open the package never to be seen again as it does not work. 

The good plus with XP11 is you can now make very suttle changes to the setup/configuratuion of the hotas unit and give it a new name for a different aircraft.  Now you don't have to start again for different aircraft.

This link found at may be of some benefit.  If it is your problem then I can possible give you other links as well.

Good luck.