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I experienced that XP-11 flights with airliners did not catch the localizer given by Jeppeson charts for ILS approaches at particular runways. Looking at the IFR low enroute map of XP for the airport in question, I realized that for these runways the glideslope cross sections are not drawn. I assume approach and landing on them is not possible in XP? However, this applies e.g. to such major airports as KLAX that can only be approached from the west. If you follow the instructions of the quick guide for Boeing 747-800 Inter that has a tutorial from KSEA to KLAX 25R, the ILS approach does’nt work. Zurich, for instance (LSZH) cannot be approached from N or W. Is’nt that a bit meagre?

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The default data in X-Plane 11 includes ILS approaches for 8 of the runways at KLAX.

If these do not show up when using Jeppeson data, it could be that there is a runway numbering mismatch. If the nav data does not match the X-Plane airport exactly (due to construction, changes in names due to magnetic variation, etc) it will not "find" the airport. In these cases, if you determine X-Plane's airport location is wrong, please file a "missing runway" report here.

One other thing to double check: do you have "disable downwind ILSes checked"? That will typically turn off about half the ILS markers in the map.