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I really love X-Plane, and I want to see it each time better. I hope that Prepar3D aircrafts developers come to X-Plane to provide more Study-Level aircrafts. 

But I have some questions to be answer...

I already post this question at, so I'll reply this here!

When Laminar Research will update the default aircrafts, like C130, 747 and DC-10? They have a very bad texture resolutions, and need improvements at systems! The DC-10 should have a pax version.

Correct water color, because at all terrain the water always have the same color, in land and offshore. The only way to fix this is with orthophoto, but leaves the water static.

The texture of the water is very strange, looks like a gelatine.

The weather reload are terrible, that cause problems when reload happen during approach. I'm using ASXP, but this uses a X-Plane engine to load weather settings. They said that only at version 2.0 will have a own engine.

The rain effect, looks like a Star Wars travel, there is horrible.

I think the environment extremely import in all flight simulator software, I really think most important to fix the weather engine than particles and Vulkan.

The particle system is very impressive, although I still have a gray contrail problem, but this only create a more beautiful simulation, but don't increase the realism.

Vulkan will be a awesome change will increase the performance and will open a world of possibilities, but OpenGL still works for now, and could be launch after the weather engine correction, after all the weather increases a realism, and this is what I'm looking for in a flight simulator, I don't see X-Plane like a game, because this don't is, but some times the developers forget that, including stuffs that could be leave to later, and instead that leave the present problems to later.:(

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