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Hello. X-Plane 11.30. Create a plane and have a problem. Created Panel_General.png size 4096 * 4096. Created Aicraft_cockpit.obj. My cockpit only 3D, not have 2D panel. It made the manipulators and deployed them on the Panel_General.png(Transparent). But when I started writing code, I discovered that the datarefs are

sim / graphics / view / panel_total_pnl_l sim / graphics / view / panel_total_pnl_b sim / graphics / view / panel_total_pnl_r sim / graphics / view / panel_total_pnl_t

do not match the size of 4096 * 4096.

And when you click the mouse on the manipulators

sim / graphics / view / click_3d_x sim / graphics / view / click_3d_y

do not change.

Tell me what I did wrong. Snks.

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