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I've checked and double-checked the IP on my iPad.

I'm having mixed results when trying to connect from X-Plane; I'm not changing the IPs. Sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn't.

I am also using FSXFlight (not simultaneously, of course) and have no issue connecting immediately (via broadcast) to the iPad with the same IP.

Any help appreciated.

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I've never used FlyQ, but with some other apps I've noticed I often have to close it entirely. Double press the home button the swipe the app up to quit. Then restart and it should re-find X-Plane easier.
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First find your IP address -   to get this go to your iPad / select Settings icon / select Wi-Fi  / click on active wifi it has a blue check mark /  put  the IP address you find there in the box


Go to X-Plane Turn it on  / go to the icon upper right next to ? mark,( it is a series of sliders) / select Network go to right column  find Xavion or FlyQ select / Add connect to Xavion or Fly Q  /  add your IP address