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I need advice on how to keep your iPad GPS navigation, connected with x-plane and it appears VOR points, CRT airports, including entry and exit points. So how is the attached figure. If it is at all possible? Or what are the options to view the navigation, I downloaded applications ForeFlight, Xavion, FlyQ EFB, SkyDemon, X-Mapper Pro, but no I did not take and mainly no I have not receive, or whether it is on a tablet display sw Garmin 530 connect with x-plane?
Thank Milos


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To use an iPad with X-Plane, you will need to check the box for the appropriate app in the Net Connections screen of X-Plane and enter your iPad's IP address (find that in the wifi settings screen). You may need to restart the iPad or X-Plane app to make sure they are finding each other. You should be able to use any of the iPad apps you listed, but I don't know that any of them function exactly like a GPS.
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Applications use and everything works, but somehow it suits me and I want something as navigation in the x-plane have right on your iPad.

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