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The graphics are not as they show in the manual 

Instead it looks like this

How can this be fixed?

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Hi flybius,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

What is your screen resolution?  X-Plane is designed around a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 for each screen.  if you are running up to three screens for out of cockpit then there is another trick.

You have not indicated whether you are running on a PC or on a small screen computer.  If you are running a screen less than 17 inch it will give you a visual problem.  If you are using a 4K screen the image will be small and you will have to increase the image size from 100% to the size you find acceptable otherwise convert to the recommended/design resolution.

Good luck


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Thanks for answering!

I have a MacBook Pro Retina 15"... That being said, I have tried to run X-Plane at all resolutions beginning at 1024x768 to see if the problem was with the retina screen.. No avail.

I also figured that maybe the native screen resolution was the problem, so I ran at reduced resolutions on lower res external monitors... No avail.

I noticed that the Zebo 737 shows the correct (useful) EHSI screen graphics at all resolutions and screens...
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Have you tried to adjust the Field of View graphic setting?  Given a small screen size, the Field of View may need to be reduced.  Thereby smaller visible area will be rendered on the screen, individual objects will appear larger.