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Is showing this error ('Resources/rand.bin' file not found! This must be installed for me to have random numbers!)

i removed the add-on that i was trying to use in the simulator, it was an aircraft (piper archer 3) but after i deleted is still showing me this error again

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Hi ManueLkidd

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but it might be best to look in your X-Plane 11 Resources folder to see if the Rand.bin file is listed? Please click on following link to see what I mean:-

I guess you must be running version 11.30 X-Plane 11, as this file is not listed in 11.25, but it is listed in 11.30?


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So what  exactly I need to do with this file?
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Is the Rand.bin file actually in your Resources folder?

If it is there, then I'm not sure why your system says it isn't?

Is it isn't there, then you may have re-install X-Plane 11 to order to obtain the file.

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Is there, but I still doesn't work still. I will installed again. Thanks