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I normally play X-plane on my Mac without issues, but I also have a PC that I would like to use from time to time for X-Plane. The problem is that there is a strange grey texture that appears over the instruments of the planes. The texture will create bands that move up and down and side to side as the plane makes similar movements within the air. I would guess that it is a graphics driver issue, but I already tried downloading older drivers and the issue is still there. The computer is newer so I wouldn't know if a driver update did cause the issue since the issue has been there since I got the computer. The other thing that is strange is that when HDR rendering is on there is no issue at all. Scenery looks fine and there are no grey bands on the instruments. Sadly, to use hdr I would need a much more powerful computer.  The anti-aliasing is also off with hdr rendering on and there are still no issues. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Windows 10

8gb ram

Intel core i5-4460

AMD Radeon R7 A360

Intel HD graphics 4600


Picture with hdr off. Notice grey texture on the screens.The mountains in the distance also don't look right.

HDR rendering on

HDR on and both the mountains and​ the screens look normal.

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Hi Tim,

Yes that looks and sounds like an issue with a graphics driver. Have you always seen this on the PC or is this something that appeared after an update? 

Please go ahead and file a bug for us here. Please include the info you posted here and a copy of the log.txt file found in the main folder after quitting X-Plane. Screenshots of your exact rendering settings that show the bug and the comparison images you posted here would also be helpful.

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Thank you for your response. I've always seen this issue since the computer is new and had this issue straight out of the box. I'll make sure to file a bug report when I get a chance. Thanks again.