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As I belong to the dev group working on AivlaSoft's EFB v2, I'm are pretty much concerned about new developments in the Ground layout sector. Finding new specs in a new development without them being published on the X-Plane Developer Site is a bit surprising - to say the least. As developers we are requiring all available infornation and we expect them to be available through your site.
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Agree we worker bees sometimes feel in the dark.

You can edit with the WED 2.000b1 beta but not upload to the gateway with it.  (The WED 2.0 automatic image and road "slippy Map" feature is very convenient.)

If if validates, open it with the current WED 1.7.2 and upload to gateway.

I think the WED project is User maintained, not LR.
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Thank you for your answer. The point is however: where can I get WED 2.0xxx? So far I haven't found it on the X-Plane DEV site. As far as I'm informed the WED Project is run by Laminar, thus an "official" tool...

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Thanks a lot!