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I have checked the responses that have been posted here and none of them apply.  The weather was working fine and then stopped working.  It could be coincidental with a software upgrade from xplane or not.  There was no apparent change to firewall or internet on this side.  I have deleted the files as one has suggested.  This has done nothing.  Considering this is a PURCHASED product, one would expect a solution from the software developers.  Or, at least some statement as to the reason this is on-going if not due to an issue with their product.
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Hi paulg

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but could you please advise further about the 'purchased weather download' you are referring to?

Unless I've missed previous information not showing in this particular Q&A post, it will be rather difficult for a developer to make a determination on this without a lot more detail, including information contained in the X-Plane Log.txt file.

Perhaps you would be kind enough to advise?


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I hear you but Xplane Does not! NOAA changed the HTTP to HTTPS at some point so Xplane cant download real time weather cause it cant find the website. I received a email from Thomas Meeks at Laminer he states that " they have no plans to fix it at this time". Really? You can make a amazing Sim but you cant fix a URL? Sad.

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I apologize if I was not clear in my original post.  I paid for the software from X-plane, they are the provider and developers.  I would hope that they would address the issues with their product so that the users can fully exploit the product.

I understand that there are many issues and a lot is being undertaken.  I do see, however, that this problem has not been addressed completely.

If you know of a solution that would be great.  I suppose that a Laminar employee might chime in as well, correct?
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Hi there

Are you able to confirm the software that you purchased from X-Plane i.e. Ultra Weather XP, xEnviro etc. and is it a plugin, or something else i.e. the default weather program within X-Plane 11 itself?

Also, is the issue that a) it will not download from the internet (as per your original post heading??) or b) that it does download from the internet, but doesn't actually load when opening X-Plane 11.exe?

Could you upload your X-Plane Log.txt file as well as your C:\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\scenery_packs.ini file

If the weather package that you purchased is a 'plugin', then the order in which the plugin files are written in the scenery_packs.ini file are very important!

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Thank you Thomson Meeks from X-plane for letting me know that this is a known issue that is being addressed.  I look forward to utilizing the feature once it has been corrected with NOAA.
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Hi paulg

Re: this issue, please see following link and message post from X-Plane Developer regarding a new beta release 11.32.

It appears that they have been trying to address the weather issue that yourself and others have been experiencing:-

Hope this is of some help?

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Hello, the same issue also on Xplane 10.51 so it’s needed a fix also for this release; it will be possible?