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When I connect the USB dongle for wireless headphones to my PC the Saitek radio panel stops working immediately.  How do I fix this, please?

Thank you

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Hi Tregarth,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

How are you connecting your Saitek products?  Hardware has to be setup within X-Plane unlike other flight sim software where by you use the software provided with the unit. Dump the software. Don't even try the installation process through your operating system.

In relation to the Saitek radio panels you need to use a third party software created by an X-Plane user.  Again these units will not work satisfactorily unless you do.  Again do not install the software supplied with these components.  The link for the 3rd party software can be found at   

In relation to your head set are you using a USB dongle connected to your PC to connect by wireless to your headset?  My understanding from what I have read within this forum of recent times you need to connect your headset directly to your PC and not via a wireless connection ie use a hard wire scenario connected to your audio outlet.

Good luck.


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Thank you for this.  I am connecting the radio panel using the X-Plane software.  My wireless headphones are now connected to X-Plane and my radio panel is working properly.

I have moved to V11.30 and also changed the USB connection port on my motherboard.    All is now good.    I have found with FSX that it too can be quite picky about which port will work with headphones.  I am now using a port at the back of the PC, previously I was using one at the front.

Thanks again.