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When you try to install the demo version I got here is such an error.

image installer log.txt

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Hi AshenOne

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but having looked at your X-Plane 11 log file, I can see that it is absolutely full of errors about reading DVD 4 and also many reports of corrupt files.

Your post seems to suggest that you are downloading the 'demo' version from the LR website via their Installer app, but this seems at odds with the DVD 4 references in the log file??

Your log file also has many references similar to this one:- The downloaded file has corrupt contents (C:\jenkins\design-triggered\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:822)!

I have seem this reference to 'Jenkins' many times before in other simmers posts, but have no idea what it means, nor does anyone else it appears? Personally I have never come across this in any of my own log files!

When you use the X-Plane Installer, are you doing this through the X-Plane 11 application itself, or through the standalone X-Plane Installer app? Do you have an X-Plane DVD in the PC at the same time you are trying to update?

Do you have any anti-virus software on your PC that could be preventing the install download?


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I using X-Plane Installer app and i have X-Plane DVD. I click button "Install a Second Copy of X-Plane". Then I chose every region(or nothing) and get this...

Windows Defender is the only antivirus program on my computer.

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Are you actually looking to obtain a second copy of X-Plane 11, or just get one workable copy based on your DVD install?

Probably the best thing to do is delete your DVD install completely (copy and save somewhere else first, not on your C: Drive) and then download the 'demo version' from LR's website. Then you should be able to use the Product Key that came with your DVD to activate it.

I'm assuming also that your DVD set is actually X-Plane 11 and not 10?


PS Please don't try to use two copies of X-Plane 11 at the same time, unless your have two licenses!

PPS When updating X-Plane 11, click on the Update X-Plane button, not the Install Second Copy of X-Plane button
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Yes, i just need a demo(second copy of XP11).

My DVD set is actually X-Plane 11.

Okay, I think. )

Thank you!