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How do I install X-plane 11 on my new computer if it does not have a CD reader? I bought the CDs because my internet is not the greatest and on my old computer it took hours for X-plane to update. How do I get what's on the CDs I just bought onto my new computer?

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If you have another computer with a CD drive you could copy over the contents to a USB drive.
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Hi CynthialnElkton,,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

With the dvd disc set you have to have disc 1 in an active drive at all times.  There is no password key and USB dongle as was the case with XP10.

If x-plane is installed correctly by you the best method is to install X-Plane on another PC with DVD drives and then copy via suitable capacity USB drive onto your new computer.  Then purchase a portable DVD drive with a USB connection and connect to your new computer to enable disc 1 to be installed/engaged at all times.

Alternatively if you know someone who can create an ISO disc/USB dongle for disc 1 then create your own dongle as the substitute for disc 1.

Disc 1 will not direct copy onto a USB drive as there are hidden files.

Good luck


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