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I bought X plane 10 1 month ago but I did not know there was a new update or such thing that is like X-plane 1, 2 ,3 etc. I do not know it existed/ if it had existed i would have actually waited.
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I am thinking i will not obviously idk. I will have to buy it if i have to. :P

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If your order for a Digital Download copy of X-Plane 10 was placed at within four weeks before our announcement of the V10 + 11 combo package (that is, your order was placed Sept 9th through October 8th, 2016), please e-mail [email protected] directly after V11 is officially released (this holiday season) with a full copy of your v10 digital download receipt.
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Thanks I will see what date i bought it and see if it was  4 weeks within the day i bought. I hope it is..I would like the good graphics of V11 and the cool stuff in it. I also bought a joystick just for this and will be shipped tomorrow. I really love aircraft and aviation.

Thanks for the answer.