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So, I decided to give my old system a go (i7 930, R9 380 4g, 12gb DDR3) from an AMD A10-7850K (GPU and ram same) (Oh, and a XP reinstall). I start flying around and do see a quite noticeable fps boost. Yay. I start looking around... Why is my water grey? I do have ortho for here but it wasn't like this before (as seen below)I then use a livery that utilizes PBR quite a lot, and see that the PBR isn't working. I flew this exact plane before and it worked (Picture below)

Before ^^^

 So, looking around on the org forums, one other person has been having this issue, but no help. This is getting quite frustrating too. I've tried deleting my preferences folder, and while it did work on the default MD82, AAL livery, after a XP restart it went back to not working. Any help appreciated ( I have tried both 11.32 and 11.31, on steam)

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Hi Christian,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Steam is 3rd party hybrid version of X-Plane.  It is not the official version from Laminar Research.

You should take your problem to a Steam site as this site is predominantly for the official version of X-Plane.

Good luck in finding a solution.