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any one else have these issues? notice it mainly on drzewiecki design new york city x but it does happen on pretty much all scenery. water reflections look excellent but flicker like mad. is it a known bug? and is it being looked at by the development team to be fixed in future updates. its pretty frustrating. i only have reflections set to medium 2. my system specs are fairly good so dont think thats the problem.

my rendering settings

visual effetcs hdr

Texture quality max

anti alis 4x

object load maximum

reflection quality medium 2


system specs

i7 4790k at 4.8ghz

asus gtx strix 1070 OC

16 gb 1866 mhz ram

os windows 10

250gb samsung evo 850 ssd

and got x plane 11 on separate samsung evo 500gb ssd

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Yeah I got this too with standard scenery.