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I'm looking for information on how to create my own tutorials in "Flight School" as both a non-technical end user and/or developer.  I'd be interested in understanding both avenues as it directly relates to challenges I'm facing.

I'm trying to see if X-Plane can be used to create my own specific learning scenarios for beginners.  

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Jason: that would be amazing!!!

I don't work for Laminar, but if they were smart, they'd make the Flight School piece Open Source so the public could create their own, perhaps sell them as a package, etc. I would absolutely buy a package! I got my license some 25 years ago and haven't flown in years. I need to refresh my knowledge and skills before jumping in a plane again and spending $50 or so on a refresher course like this (instead of hundreds with an instructor each time) would be freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and the fact that you asked this question back in February with no upvotes or replies from anyone blows my mind!)

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