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I am going through the flight school lessons and I am receiving grades at the end of the flight.  Don't know what the grades (displayed in percentages mean).  Is anyone aware of documentation that describes the percentage given and how that relates to my performance?  

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I think it's basically to rate yourself: 0% is a complete failure, 100% is complete success. I guess it's a point system behind: if you get n of n points, you have 100%, whatever the n points are.

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You can inspect (for geeks only) the tutorial files, e.g. Resources/tutorials/tutorials_Seattle/mission_output/ga_landing_tut/ga_landing_tut.txt: For this examples it seems to have four points, each counting as 25%:

  • STAT mission_stat_MeanOffRoadRat 25.000000
  • STAT mission_stat_MaxLandingForceGs 25.000000
  • STAT mission_stat_MaxCenterlineDeviationMtr 25.000000
  • STAT mission_stat_LandingDisMtr 25.000000

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