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After having worked smoothly my xplane11 crashed after a long flight-night with several Flight Configurations. I was told by Aerosoft that the reason for the crash was excessive use of Flight Configuration (there was no advice or warning in xplane instructíons, at least I have not found it).

I was advised to take a back-up copy of preferences folder, then delete the preferences folder from xplane installation, download a new xplane installer and return the preferences folder.

Did it, but did not help.

After that I started to delete xplane 11 installation (I have the DVDs) but could not delete it totally. However, I started to re-load the xplane starting from DVD1. Did not dowload, I only got a black window.

So is this a dead-end?


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Hi Masa,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

What is your operating system?  What format of X-Plane are you running; steam or the official original version from Laminar Research.

Steam is a 3rd party hybrid taking a commercial advantage of the development work carried out by Laminar Research.  It is not the same product as that from Laminar and you cannot mix one with the other.  Laminar does not sell steam and has no connection with that product.

On the basis that you are running a Laminar Research version on a windows based system your last paragraph comments strongly suggests to me you have not installed X-Plane on either the desktop or a dedicated directory or onto a dedicated drive but installed the software into another directory eg Program files(x86).  If installed using one of these methods then deletion would be total and not leave files as you have suggested.  Until you do expect problems.

If you are running steam then you should take your question to a steam forum.  From what I have seen with steam it installs the software in a different manner to that if you are running the Laminar version.


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Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your reply and greetings from upabove (Finland). I have now succeeded in getting xplane working again. I have installed it on D-disk (1 Tb) and my HP Omen has Intel i5-8400 16 Gb, 256 Gb SSD + 1 Tb HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8 Gb.

However, I still have problems which I try to clear out with Aerosoft: The download process left out DVDs 2 and 7-9. There are several folders missing, such as XPUIPC. Cessna 172 flies without its rear end = tail, etc.

I have a back-up of my first xplane installation so I can compare the present installation with it.

I hope to get Aerosoft's replies soon.


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Hi Masa,

Glad to hear that your are somewhat up and running.

Download the installer file from the Laminar site and run it.  It should replace any files that are corrupted and also insert any files that are missing.

Good luck