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I had issues yesterday with the latest version of XPlane crashing to desktop on startup after not previously having any issues or changing anything.  This morning I completely uninstalled the simulator since the new update was coming out and I figured I would just do a clean install of the newest update but now the installer is crashing, actually when I run the installer it starts up like the simulator and says will init plugins but then freezes and then says not responding and then crashes.  I have no log because everything is completely removed.  I do not understand how I flew three flights 3 days ago and then have a completely unusable simulator all the while I have changed absoloutely nothing.

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Fixed the issue by completely wiping the computer and installing a fresh version of Windows.  Still not sure what was going on but I am up and running again.
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Hi it's Greengolfer15 again

Interestingly your comment "actually when I run the installer it starts up like the simulator and says will init plugins but then freezes" makes me believe that you are not actually running the X-Plane Installer, but X-Plane 11 itself.

When running the X-Plane 11 Installer, there is no way that you see the X-Plane 11 application starting up, you should be seeing the following:- http://questions.x-plane.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=8613815854039226431

Please ensure you run X-Plane 11 Installer only and if this fails or crashes, upload your X-Plane Installer Log.txt file to this post.

Kind regards

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Here is a screenshot of what the installer looks like when running it and I do run it as an administrator

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This is most strange, as it appears that you are trying to update the software from within the X-Plane 11 application itself, which is possible of course if there are updates available.

However, have you tried using the 'standalone' X-Plane Installer application, which is also in the root directory of your C:Drive, or maybe D:Drive in your case?

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Yes this was actually taken from the standalone installer

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