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I just received my copy of X-Plane 11 (physical copy), and I am completely unable to get it to install. I've included the install log file

Here's what I have tried so far:

Step 1 - Tried to install on a slave drive out of the box (Selected File Path); got permission denied on 3rd disc; did this twice

Step 2 - Tried to run again, only this time selecting no scenery to see if I could get any install; got permission denied on disc 1

Step 3 - Downloaded the latest version of the installer and ran as administrator, Permission denied on 2nd disc

Step 4 - Tried to simply install to the desktop; permission denied on disc 5. Did this with both the installer on disc and the updated installer downloaded.

Step 5 - Changed access to the P:\ drive (where I originally tried to install X-Plane) to allow full control to the drive, and created an independent folder called "X-Plane" in the hope that it would allow access outside of the drive root. Got permission denied on disc 2.

Step 6 - Repeated Step 5 but tried an install with no scenery just to see if I could get the ball rolling and copy scenery files from disc. Still got a permission denied message.

I have wracked my brain with every solution I could, and after spending 5 hours trying to get the program to install, I'm no closer to flying than I was when I started. I really don't know what else to do, and there's no possibility of me getting my money back, but I basically spent $60 for nothing at this point because I can't install the simulator.

I really need some assistance on how to get this problem working. I have attached the install log  from the most recent attempt, but every search I run into on the internet shows people with the same problem as I'm having, with no resolution., which is incredibly disheartening because I wanted to buy directly from Laminar with a physical copy and not have to rely on Steam.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Again, it's incredibly frustrating to purchase a product, follow installation instructions to a T, and not get the product to work.

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Hi Kyle,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Have you tried an installation with all of your antivirus/malware software turned off along with running as administrator (your step 3)?  This is known to be a typical restriction to new/fresh installations.  It needs to be done with disc version or digital download version installation

Your step 5 plan is a good one ie to a dedicated drive.

Also from reading other installation problems in the forum (click on your orange permission denied tag above) has all of your download location have read/write permissions?  

Hope this helps.

As another alternative which others have tried is download the digital version and when you boot up you will be prompted for a product key.  Answer no or what ever the choice is and you will then be asked for a disc version. Answer accordingly (yes) and follow the instructions which should eventually advise you to run with disc 1 in your DVD drive at all times when running X-Plane. 

As a side issue steam is a 3rd party hybrid which is slow on updates