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When is the problem of downloading real weather in x-plane 10 solved? Downloading real weather in x-plane 10.51r2 already failed a long time. Would like to know how to solve this>

Regards, Jos
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I hear you but Xplane Does not! NOAA changed the HTTP to HTTPS at some point so Xplane cant download real time weather cause it cant find the website. I received a email from Thomas Meeks at Laminer he states that " they have no plans to fix it at this time". Really? You can make a amazing Sim but you cant fix a URL? Sad.

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I totally agree with you. Moreover, one message online with how to change this yourself would be sufficient.

Regards Ebanista

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I think x-plane 10 is no longer supported. Anyway, although the Metar file is straigntforward, if laminar publishes the specs of the grib flies needed for global_winds and global_turbulence it will be possble to compile an alternative.