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I have an activation screen coming up (first picture) when I open x-plane and when I choose the first option and enter my aircraft serial number, it gives me an error (second picture). Can someone please help out?

Choosing second option gives me a separate activation number but after that it doesn't let me click next or go back (third picture). 

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Hi Ryan,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Have you purchased a third party add-on aircraft?  I have read that some add-ons have an activation/product key that needs to be applied to enable the new aircraft to be used.  Is this your situation?

Have you officially purchased X-Plane?  Provided it is not a steam version you would have been provided with an official activation key and asked to apply it well before your current visual screen "problem".  

With a digital download version you need to be connected to the internet at "all times" as X-plane performs a "silent" background check to ensure you are not using more than one version at the same time and or your version is a legal version.  I have seen in this forum where others have been asked for their activation code because the user is not connected to the internet when using X-plane.

Hope this may help.  If it doesn't then attach your "log.txt" file as there may be other issues.  In doing so others with a greater knowledge base than me should be able to determine your problem.

Good luck.

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Hi Glenfer,

I have purchased the key for the aircraft, I get the error for activating the aircraft when I enter the key. I also have an official version of x-plane which is not through steam. If I don't connect to the internet and enter the key it says please wait and stays that way for hours. The errors I have mentioned in the initial question is when I was connected to the internet.

Here's the log.txt file attached if anyone can help. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Ryan,

Thank you for attaching the Log.txt file.  I don't fully understand some of the jargon used but learning.

What I have interpreted is:-

1.  The installation of X-Plane appears to be correct to me including the 3rd party add-on; and

2.  You have purchased a 3rd party aircraft from Airfoillabs, namely the Cessna 172SP and it is this add-on causing your problem as shown in the last few lines of the log.txt file.

My suggestion is to temporarily remove the add-on aircraft and relocate it elsewhere outside the X-Plane directory.  Then start X-Plane..  

If XP does start without any problems then, in my opinion the problem is with the 3rd party software.  Your probable comment is "We know that".

What version of the Cessna are you using from Airfoillabs.  Have a look at the following link found at  When you make the link and after the terrible video presentation scroll down the page to view the comments.  At the comment by Marcus Anderson click on the response tab from Airfoillabs.  Apparently there is a glitch/problem with the software.

Then after clicking on the website "support tab" found at  scroll well down the page to the heading called "My activation key does not work"  Appears they recognise there is a problem like you are having.

My suggestion now is to make direct contact with Airfoillabs to seek their advice and solution to your problem.

Please advise on the outcome.

Good luck