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Good morning all,

Have been experimenting and flying X-Plane from the old no 6 version and still loving it. I have installed V 11 a few weeks ago and am now stuck in a corner.

I use a ELA gyroplane model which I downloaded.  Comments on the forum indicates that it is working fine in X-Plane 11.  I can fly it with conventional commercial control joystick.

I have an Arduino board with 4x axis (analogue inputs) and 7x digital (switch) inputs.

I use SimVim plugin to run Arduino.

I can use the custom controls through Arduino to control the Pitch, roll, rudder and throttle.  

I can use 1x of the digital inputs (brakes On/Off) but the rest like Master on/off or Mags on/off or Pre-rotate does not work.  I have configured them in the SimVim "configurator".

I looked at the ELA model in Plane maker under 2D panel.  I can see 1 or 2 of the switches I want the Arduino to handle, but switches like Master and Mags does not show in 2D panel?

In the main X-Plane program there is no longer a screen where all the buttons appear (compared to X-Plane 10).

How can I get X-Plane 11 to read my custom buttons and switches from Arduino (through SimVim plugin)?

I imagine I need to figure out what the ELA model uses and then define them in SimVim, but how and where do I get that info?

Some help will be much appreciated.


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I haven't followed Vlad's project for a while. Just had a quick look on his website and the project has changed a lot. Previously all you had to do was to configure input file, not sure what has to be done now.

I guess the best option for you is to contact Vlad directly on his website.

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