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So much for updates being released without thoroughly checking for any bugs.  No way to turn AP "on" or "off".  Whoever dreamed-up the 11.30 update had his head stuck in the fog.

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Hi dickandanita

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but yes, in the new version 11.30 they have now installed a new autopilot called S-Tec 55 into the Cessna 172 (and possibly other aircraft), which is somewhat different from the original version.


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To turn On the C172 A/P, I just press the HDG or ALT button.

To turn Off, if you already have assigned buttons for “Pitch trim up” and “Pitch trim down”, hitting either one will disengage the A/P.  Otherwise, mapping a button to “Servo toggle” will also do the job.