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I would like to know the forecast for the update of the SBVT airport scenery (Vitória, Brazil). The airport has a new runway and new passenger terminal since 2018.

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Hi Guilherme,

I am not with Laminar Research; just another flight simmer from downunder.

Laminar Research is a small organisation with very few staff concentrating on the development of the X-Plane software for our benefit.  It does not specifically concentrate on the development of scenery and or airports but relies on the generosity of the artistic community creating and updating "eye candy" that will successfully run with X-Plane.

To satisfy your request you will need to rely on the artistic community.  When that will eventuate who knows.  A link you may chose to follow is found at  This site lists out recent creations (aircraft, scenery and or airports) submitted for other flight simmers to consider.  Some of it is freeware or donationware or purchase.   

The following is part of the latest newsletter from Laminar Research which may be of interest:-

Gateway News

On March 12, the X-Plane Scenery Gateway received its 10,000th "recommended" scenery submission! What an amazing milestone! Since going live in August 2014, our artist community has made nearly 24,000 submissions to the Gateway, and we would like to express our gratitude to each end every one of them for a fantastic achievement. We couldn't have done it without you.

Collectively we have moved X-Plane forward to the point where it arguably features the most comprehensive and accurate global airports of any platform. We still have much work to do as over 20,000 airports are still up for grabs, but Gateway volumes continue to trend upwards, and we look forward to a place in the future where X-Plane features accurate models of every airport a flight simmer could conceivably want to fly to.

Stats as of March 25:

  • 3D airports: 10,098
  • Scenery packs submitted to date: 23,663
  • Registered artists: 6,510
  • Airports with Taxi-routes: 4,821
  • Airports with Ground-routes: 1,594
  • Airports with ATC Flow: 1,914

The accepted submissions become part of the X-Plane software and included in any X-Plane software update. 

Now based on the airport identifier of SBVT have a look at the following site which has a February 2019 update.  The link is found at

Good luck.