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I have updated xplane from 11.34 to 11.35 this morning but I have this error message:


Loading navigation data failed.

Wrong or old format, NaxXP1100 is required for / Users/philippe brachet/Documents/X-Plane11/Custom Data/user_nav.dat. This file is missing the 99terminator.

Please note that xplane11 is not compatible with navdata files made for xplane10.

Could you help me please, my xplane doesn't work anymore.

Best regards

P.Brachet Lyon France

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I had encountered this update failure, it was resolved by simply deleting the file “./Custom Data/user_nav.dat”.

In my case, that file was created by me, as instructed by a scenery package to correct some very minor navaid inconsistency (something I can do without).  Its format is apparently no longer compatible with 11.35.

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