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When creating a plane in PlaneMaker, you need to enter the V speeds.  The manual says to use kts, but does not say whether this is IAS, CAS, or TAS or something else.

Testing seems to indicate that the values are used as TAS, but my Mooney POH gives them as CAS.  What altitude should I use to convert the Mooney CAS values to TAS if TAS is the correct answer?

Personally, I think the use of the values as TAS is incorrect (including autopilot pitch up at Vne as a TAS).  IAS or CAS would be a more correct scale to use for clean and dirty stall and the autopilot pitch up.

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I had to ask for outside help and I hope I got to the essence of the question. I was told v speeds should always be in IAS, and CAS would convert to TAS at 0 ft, standard atmosphere.