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Hi, How can I make X-Plane less forgiving to mistakes and closer to the Real Flying experience ? Thank you.
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You should edit your question to point out what you are exctly asking for.

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I believe the flight model its 100% dependent on the Airplane design in X-Plane.  It’s very different then FSX or P3d where they use lookup database like tables to tell the plane how to move and act.  XPlane uses blade theory to model the performance based on the physical design of the model, so the more real the model the more real the flight dynamics.

This like provides more detail on how X-Plane code was design when it looks at how to fly.


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Thanks so much for the answer. So, based on it, do you think I get a more realistic/less forgiving flight model/dynamics by flying an Aircraft that comes as standardly included in X-Plane, rather than using a Third-Party-designed Aircraft ? For example C-172 that comes included already in X-Plane ? Thanks a lot and God Bless.
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The default aircraft and really great, but some 3rd party designed ones are better. It just depends on the company and level of complexity they add into their designs. Here is a good example video

Here is a free 737 project but not sure how accurate to reality it is vs paid aircraft.

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Sorry if my question was not too clear. My question was about any settings I can change to make the Sim less forgiving to flying or maneuvering mistakes. As a simple example: when I taxi and then I hit a building wall or a Ramp vehicle, the plane continues to proceed as if nothing happened. In reality that's not true for sure. I just hope that the Sim becomes more realistic in all aspects. Thanks.
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I totally understand and i feel the same way.  Unfortunately i don't see any settings like that in X-Plane 11.  You're probably wondering why FSX or P3d has those settings but X-Plane does not.  I assume because X-Plane was designed to always be 100% realistic and not have 'easy' settings.  Its more of the building and aircraft are not designed to detect collisions. I wonder if you can custom design scenery to collide with the plane or if that code was removed in XP11.  I agree with you, i hope they they add in the real object physics for everything in the system and not just the planes.