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Under version 11.26 the PFC serial yoke worked without problems, Now elev and ailrn movements are restricted to 

Elev:  -1.000 full down / -0.9733 full up (basically always  full down)

Ailrn: -1.000 full left / -0.9797 full right (basicall always full left)

I changed the COM port and deleted the Output/Preferences folder but to no avail.

Other joysticks are working without problems.

I am glad for any hint as the sim is not flyable with this error.

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I have the same problems, and Austin and Randy Witt told me, it must be my own problem, calibration and so on!!
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I'm having the same issue both on the release and current beta version of 11.30.

The PFC Hardware screen registers full deflection for the controls but when I enter the sim my inputs as displayed as data in the cockpit  but from an external view I can't see the controls on the airplane move at all.

The PFC Serial Test utility is behaving normally.
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Hi flight simmers,

As I have already indicated to one of you lodge a bug report if something was previously working and no longer working.

Details can be found here at

Hope you get a definative response.