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As you can see from the photo below I am getting weird lighting as such. I don't know if this is an XP limitation or if it is a bug on my end that may have been caused by something. I have tried backing up the lights.txt and then let steam reinstall it, but it seems to be the same. Night lighting just seems extremely off to me.

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Is your Graphics’ Visual Effects set to Medium (or lower)?  If so, you would see only the light source, but X-Plane would not render light casting, e.g., you would see that the landing light lit up, but you wouldn’t see much lighting on the ground.  To get what you’d expect to see, the Visual Effects need to be on High (HDR).

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It actually cast on the ground perfectly, that part looks amazing to me. I have checked and verified my settings though, they are set on maximum. I reloaded into the xcraft ERJ-175 and they all show as bulbs there too. Most noticeable on NAV lights.