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Is there a flashlight function to find unlit switches etc. that applies to all aircraft or are there lighting functions specific to aircraft models. Say you want to turn on landing lights, but danged if you can find the switch in a dark cockpit.

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it's in view menu, torch light or even night vision.
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I don't see a "torch light" option.  Flashlight is grayed out on all the models I've tried (Cessna Skyhawk, DH-2 Beaver, Cirrus jet).  Night vision isn't helpful either.  I think a flashlight would be helpful if I could activate it in some way. Thanks.
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Strange.. Flashlight must be what I'm talking about (My language is set to French), but it worked when I tried it with the S76.
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I tried the S76 too, but the flashlight is grayed out.  Are you on X-Plane 11?  Is there a plug-in for the flashlight?
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Yes, X-plane 11.05r1 (maybe you still need to tick the beta box when updating with the installer, if you want to try it). I have no additional plugin for that. It comes with default X-plane.
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I have 11.02, so will update and see if that helps. Thanks
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If updating doesn't fix it, you could then try and delete (or move for backup) X-plane 11\Output\Preferences folder.

And if you still get no result, you should file a bug report here, with as many details as you can :

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That fixed it. Thanks for your help! Then it went gray again. I set a button to turn on the flashlight - heck with the view menu.
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Is it the update or the preference folder, that fixed it. Glad it could help!

Did you manage to add a shortcut for that? I was unable to find any entry with the searchbox.

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