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Im an avid user of x-plane 10 on my galaxy tab s4 due to the fact that i travel alot for work. Is there any chances of more map locations like florida? Also is there any chance of lockheed martin c130 platforms coming to xplane 10?? Thanks in advance!
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GREAT IDEAS MATE! that cloud be really nice!

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Hi Bman12138,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

In all of my readings in this forum by Laminar Research staff there has been no updates for XP10 mobile for quite some time and probably will never be as all development work is currently concentrated on the PC version of XP11.  I suspect any major update will be towards XP11 for mobile as was the case in the shift from XP10 to XP11.

However my reading of information from Laminar in recent times suggests the mobile version is under review.  No mention of any version.

Don't hold your breath.