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Hello, I'm a huge fan of X plan 10 mobile.  I wanted to ask if a global function will come out in the future?  and I wanted to ask if it will then be like X plan 11, with 100% cockpit function?  Refueling, stairs for passengers, in short, just like X plan 11 !?  this would be great!  what I also miss is the A320 Neo :) I'm looking forward to your answer :) best regards Luca Giacalone

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Hi Luca,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

My understanding, having read comments by a Laminar Research staff member pre December 2018, there will be no more development work for XP10 mobile.  All work is being concentrated on XP11. 

Since then I am of the opinion that I have also read from the Laminar website or in newsletters there is some work being carried out on a future version related to XP11.  When will it be released?

I would suggest you make direct contact with Laminar at [email protected] regarding your comments and thoughts.