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Hi guys,

If my map doesn't show any NAVAID or airport in the gray zone (like in the picture), how can I plan a route, that should go through that region?

In this particular case I landed in Dortmund (EDLW). From there I want to fly to Hamburg (EDDH) flying over HAMM VOR/DME. The maps shows a big gray zone and I cannot "see" which NAVAIDs are available for my route.

Is it possible to load that maps? (to be clear: the whole europe space is already been installed)



How kann I load it?

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I guess the effect is caused by lazy loading of scenery. Did you try to grab your aircarft with the mose and move it towards the gray area? I guess then the missing scenery will be loaded. The map isn't really intended for flight planning, BTW. (Flight planning is actually a nightmare in X-Plane)