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I just bought x-pane 10. A few days ago. I also did the updates first thing. I have noticed that the plane will load with sound or with out sound. When it does load with sound It will go away for no reason.

2. I am not able to control trim etc  with the mouse. Like I have seen on You tube. It seems to load up on the runway and loaded. I have also noticed that the auto pilots on some of the planes don't have a way to select alt.

Any help would be greatful

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Hi w0nwa,

1. Please list specific planes and which issue they have. Double check your sound settings under settings menu -> sound. Some third party aircraft override these settings to do what they want. :)

2. If you want to start on the ramp instead of the runway, go to settings -> operation & warnings & check "start each flight on ramp." This is a global setting for every flight though.

Autopilot is set up individually for each plane so they will not all have the same control capabilities. If it looks like it should have alt control (a button or something) and is a default plane, please file a bug here and be as specific as possible with your explanation of what you expected vs. what was wrong. 

Manipulating trim from within the cockpit could be the same issue if the designer didn't make the trim controls manipulable.

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Sorry it took to log to reply. The sound issues seem to have cleared it's self up on it's own.

I am flying the stock planes. Mostly the Cessna 172.

I am using X-Plane Ver 10.45 64 bit. Global .

The autopilot does not have a "NAV" button on the 172 nor does it have an altitude select. It does in fact have an alt button but if you click it. a few times it will show you your  current altitude and hold it. For Navigation you can only slave it to the heading bug.

the options on the autopilot are HDG,LOC G/S BC ALT.


Starting 172. No keys in ignition. meaning nothing to turn etc to start.  

Just a heads up on the errors.