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I tried installing your demo version and I get an X-Plane error 2:403? What is that error and what do I need to do ? I am using Windows 7

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Hi bho,

What version of the installer are you using? You can find it by right clicking and picking "properties" on Windows or "Get Info" on Mac. If you are using anything except version 3.40r3, please go to the downloads page on our site and download the installer again. I just heard we may have had old versions available by mistake but the site should be updated now.

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I am using X-Plane Installer 3.40r3. I think the problem might be firewall related. My usual method of getting around our firewall didn't seem to work. In the meantime I ordered the CD's which I hope will take care of the problem?

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Hi bho,

It would be helpful to see a copy of the X-Plane installer log.txt file that should be on your desktop. Some basic troubleshooting things are:

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection
  • Install to the desktop to avoid issues with invalid permissions
  • Make sure your system meets at least our minimum system requirements