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Hello, i am building a little airfield in WED..

The airfield lays at a hill and in X-Plane the scenery is very hilly. Because most objects are horizontale some parts of them hide in the hill and i don't know how to move them Upwards or Downwards. Maybe there is a possibility to change my scenery manually so i can remove the hills? If you got any idea please write it down! I really appreciate every suggestion!!!

Thank you already and have a nice day!

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In real life the buildings on the hillside may be built on large sloping footings, so that the buildings sit on level foundations. If you are creating bespoke buildings you will need to incorporate this into your design to mirror reality.
If you want a simple "fix" then you could try creating an exclude box in the footprint of the building. This may level any mesh scenery of the building enabling a flat position. This may take some trial and error.
Good luck

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