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Inside WED i can't preview and normally place almost all objects in OpenSceneryX, they are shown with questions, while in XP10 they works fine.

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You may not have the proper library installed in XP11, or the library you are using may be an older version, and the missing objects are in a newer version that the airport designer used.  I would first of all make sure that you have the newest version of that scenery pack installed in XP11.  Hope that helps.  Matt
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Thanks for your answer, but I've not mentioned XP11. And problem not in the sim, problem with the WED.

I've tryed to fully delete OpenSceneryX and then reinstalled it with (still the same) latest installer of 2.1.1 version. But WED still don't want to show me the objects from this library while i'm creating my airport in WED 1.6.0b1.
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Since WED 1.6 is still in Beta testing, I suggest you submit your info ( as detailed as possible) ... include the ENTIRE file including the apt.dat and DSF to the WED bug reporting site.