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I have Linux Mint. I managed to finally download the xplane 10 linux version and install. When I click run doesn't do anything. I am using the digital download with serial. In the folder where the executable is..if i right click and try to change always go back to read only and cannot launch executable. So what do I do. I have nvidia 364 installed and most of the open libraries that I know of installed but what program do I use...if needed to launch this proggie. I have the latest Linux Mint.

Thanks for any help...would be most appreciative...Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. I am sitting at home screwing with this thing lol. :)

Bob Morehead

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I can't help you with Linux Mint and UI specific questions.  There are a few things you can do that apply to all distros of Linux that can trouble shoot this kind of thing.

From the terminal, please run ldd on the executable and post the results. Typically the problems launching are one of:

- A missing library dependency (especially if you have 32-bit libs but try to run 64-bit or vice versa) or

- The permissions are wrong (which can be fixed via chmod).

LDD will answer the library dependency issue.